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January 7th, 2015

Katie Duke from NYMED fame posted this link on facebook, hope these advances spread to other states soon, otherwise I may need to plan a move to New York. Meantime I will focus on earning that msn.


Answer for question 4182.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever experienced something you couldn't explain?
Never seen a ghost but I have seen strange things that makes me believe supernatural may exist

January 6th, 2015

Worth it to get that RN!

Found an interesting article the other day from Scrubs.com, so those in nursing without their bsn and/or rn may want to consider going back to school so more opportunities are available for them!

Check out this link!

Happy New Year!

A new year and new opportunities coming my way. I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. Six days in and I must say I don't have any extreme expectations for this year. New Years Eve was a quiet night in until my friend Oumou showed up on my doorstep and the rest of the night was awesome and we even had a small adventure while picking up a friend from Seaside shortly after. Now onto current events. I am sadly disappointed to hear about another shooting of NYPD officers. Cops are humans like us, they risk their lives everyday for us. Why are citizens of this great country shooting those who guard our safety. If you cannot prevent crime, don't kill off those who are trying their best for mostly strangers to keep New York safe for us! I have visited this city after the first incident and I did feel safer when I saw a cop car, but feel less safe when I hear of more shootings and crimes against these great men and women.

I didn't make any resolutions this year. All I truly want to do is try harder to achieve my goals and continue to advocate for others to do the same. I am finally getting a chance to do acute care again! Yes I finally have an offer! Three plus years of trying and finally getting somewhere. I pray I can save more lives and learn lots more in the coming months.

Love life remains stagnant. I am a low maintenance chick, why are none of the decent guys out there not giving me any serious consideration? God only knows. I will stop expecting anything close to what my imagination used to tell me about being in love with Mr. Right and how I will feel when Mr. Right does come along. For now I will be content with the new job offer in my kitty and hopefully take 2 on working on my masters is more successful than that last attempt. Mean time I have had some time off after working all the winter holidays this past season, and looking forward to new challenges and new opportunities possibly coming my way. I know preservation does pay off in the end after all.

December 3rd, 2014

Answer for question 856.

What is your favorite holiday-specific candy or treat?
Chocolate bar or brownies

Happy Birthday Cam

Happy Birthday Cam!
Hope all your dreams come  true, it's been an honor to know you and be your friend even though we live so far away from each other. Wish you all the best ! I still recall two years ago when Hurricane Sandy hit you were so concerned and trying to get ahold of me. Glad we stayed connected for so many years. Hope to see you here in America one day!

October 11th, 2014

The way it is

Less than a month after I turned 27, and questions keep arising. Why aren't you married yet? And so I go ahead and explain the disaster from this past April. Yesterday was a rollercoaster ride. Usually that is how I describe my day at work when things just keep creeping up. However this time it was more about my personal life. My sister was ill that morning and after I got in from work we heard she, her husband and their friend had an accident. Meanwhile a dearly loved co-worker has had a massive stroke.  For some reason I could not cry for him. Although I wanted to and respected this co-worker always for their help. Overall I am grateful for my sister being ok, trying to accept life no matter what comes my way, and hoping this co-worker doesn't suffer too much.

I had an interesting conversation about marriage and getting that balance with both work and family life. Honestly don't know how well  I could balance it. I am no expert cook and work well, let's just say it's a job but I crave for something more solid. I am pursing a masters but it has been no less than another rollercoaster ride  like other recent events. i have been told I have a huge mountain to climb by my clinical instructor. She basically told me I did not have the skill set for this higher level of practice. I would have loved to say," Listen lady you have no idea what mountains i have already had to climb. I refuse to give up when I do still have a chance."

My fear is that she will fail me.

My greatest dread is to let everyone down that supported me to go back for my masters.

 I just don't want to get stuck in a quamire.  I want to have a family and career and somehow balance everything out.

I don't want to be lonely forever, but rather be alone then be stuck with someone will abuse me and use me.

 I have had enough of being walked over. So the other day I cried that I didn't want another guy without papers.

Dad said not everyone was bad and if I kept suspecting everyone, I wouldn't ever marry.

I told him I just don't believe in marriage for myself anymore. I don't want to do this now.

He said he would investigate this time better. I have faith on him but we have been fooled before.

Next afternoon Dad says," I don't know what I would do without you. We have had you with us the longest." He tells me they love me.

"Sighs" Dad and Mom I love you too. All I want is everyone to be happy and healthy as long as possible.~ in my mind~

 Today is Karva Chauth. I am fasting and praying for everyone that matters to me. I thank God and pray at least my sister got the right guy in her life. As for me, please guide me to whom and where I truly belong. I don't expect it to happen overnight, but please be my guide and something has to give sooner or later, as in life no one is always sad or happy.

The way it is, and we must accept certain things, and learn to fight tooth and nail for what we know is ours to claim.

June 18th, 2014

Woman Empowered

 Been through so much since the last time i posted there. In November 2013 my parents introduced me to a new match.  At the time i was employed  at three different places and wondering what I should do about graduate school. Flash forward to now, I have gone through a break up, flown by myself to Texas, been depressed off and on, down to one job and back in graduate school. Life could have been much worse, I could end up like the girls we read about in the newspapers or talked about in whispers. Now of course the gossip mills in the desi families will be like oh my gosh her younger sister is getting married before she is, and she is almost 27. The fact is I am almost 27 not there yet. I am not too old to get married yet. Who of those people would have come to my rescue if  I had settled down with the guy who grabbed my face and could have later beaten me up or worse? He was already mentally abusing me subtly.  Why would a girl like me who is educated and independent settle  for a life of  torture  when she could be a  free bird and live life on her own terms? He needed me more than i ever needed him.  He wanted a green card, I am a naturalized citizen. Had he respected my family and me, and given me more consideration maybe i would have gave in. However grabbing me then acting like the victim himself was wrong. Even more wrong was being disrespectful to my father when I never was rude to his after what he did. He told me i should know better about things because I am a grown up. Haha, look who is talking? A  guy who is so immature to revenge a girl's refusal to do things his way, by coming to her house with his family and just arguing and blaming her and her family for everything that went wrong.

Post the break-up which occurred end of April, I have spent it trying to pass my final exam this past semester, drowning my time in reading fanfiction, or reading inspirational quotes. I have been working and do go to family get togethers  and movies. Friends family of the female gender of my generation and upcoming generation tell me i deserve better, and i don't need to get married to have a fulfilling life. However the romantic side of me longs for a guy who will treat me right and will be the father of my children someday. On the other hand I know I will have a promising career ahead of me and I have already rebelled against the norm, and decided to live my life to the fullest. i am too old to become a party going gal, but I have faith what is meant to be will pan out in the long run.

September 5th, 2013

A Shame

 December 16th, the Delhi Gang Rape was supposed to be a turning point in judicial system in India. As the months passed I tried to catch news of the so called fast track trial for all defendants. One hung himself in March and now the youngest culprit gets away with only three years of punishement that too in a detention center for juvenilles. Jury was supposed to be objective, so why reduce the sentence of the youngest guy in the batch of scoundrels to harm an innocent girl and her companion? He was stated to be the harshest, so does he not by default deserve the severest punishment? Now the gang rape in Mumbai, why are such incidents getting more common? Do women have no rights to be safe and free as other gender? Just because she is a woman and someone thinks she needs to be harmed, can we let her be harmed? Everyone should imagine their mother, sister or daughter when they hear about just henious crimes and fight for justice. Teach your sons to respect women. If we want to be angels and love we can also become witches and harm if provoked. We give birth but we can also destroy lives as well. Women overall deserve equal consideration as men.

Before such events came to mind I used to think  security was something more women would have in this time and century. Why are women still treated like things and not human beings? When a woman can go to space or climb the coporate ladder and become the CEO, then why can't she garner some more respect in overall society?

Kudos to the Mumbai victim for wanting to return to work, but I really do hope justice is served in a more timely manner.

This song from No One Killed Jessica expresses the grief of today's women that they cannot fearlessly live life to the fullest anymore.


January 1st, 2012

Happy New Year!

Thinking about everything that has happened yesterday and the past few years has made me realize how much life has changed and how much it has  remained the same. Yes I do have many strides yet to make but what I have accomplished so far has been great too. I was disappointed about a few things but overall I made sure to enjoy my night yesterday. You can't dwell forever on what is wrong or doesn't feel right. You have to sometimes live in the moment and relish what is now may not be there tomorrow.

This year I am not making any resolutions. I prefer just simply trying to be the better person and keep trying new things and look forward to advancing my career in the coming years. I am not where I want to be per se but I think I am on my way. Will I realize who my Mr. Right is, will I ever find my niche in my career and world? These questions do come to mind but I know certain things have a certain time they are destined to happen. I just have to let the one up there guide me and sit back and see where life leads me next.
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